As a local family of believers, we spend a lot of time together serving our community, sharing our faith, and studying the scriptures. These are some of the on-going activities and programs that Southview has every week. You can also find special events and activities in our MONTHLY NEWSLETTER.

Worship Services

For many people, their first encounter with a church is during the Sunday Morning worship service. This is where most people get a feel for the church's culture, beliefs, and practices. Our goal is that everyone will feel a very real connection with God, with His people, and with our mission. We hope that through joyful fellowship, energizing worship, and practical messages, our hearts are shared and our God is glorified. Sunday morning worship is often the first step in the process of becoming a fully mature disciple of Jesus Christ. Southview’s Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:15 am.

Sunday School

Once that initial connection is made, our goal is to help disciples mature in their faith. Because God's Word is so important in defining our beliefs and practices, we have chosen to focus our Sunday School time solely upon the scriptures. All of our classes, from adults to infants, focus each week on the same lesson. Obviously, it has some different applications for different ages, but the intent is that our people are studying the same topics at the same time. This systematic approach to scripture allows us to get an overview of the entirety of God's Word each week. These lessons help us know what we should believe, and take steps to help us live it daily. Southview has Sunday School classes for all ages that meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am.

Community Groups

It is not enough For God's people to simply know what He wants us to know. We need to be challenged to do what He wants us to do! Community Groups are small groups of people who come together weekly to study, share, and challenge each other to fulfill their personal mission for God. They pray together, they share life, and they serve God as a group. They are constantly encouraged to put their faith into action and to share God's good news with others. They live lives of purpose and are constantly viewing themselves as people on a mission to serve their God. For more information about Community Groups or to get connected to a group contact the church office (816-765-6134).

Youth and Children

Add a general youth and childrens minisistry introduction here. We will have a more detailed page for each individual group + a 'seasonal' page for VBS.

CIA (Children)

EPIC (Youth)